News: XUNLONG air track benefits: everyone can join

One of the great advantages of airtracks, compared to e.g. classic trampolines are that they can be used by anyone; adults and children, regardless of age and level. However, it would always encourage you to read the instruction manual aloud to the little ones in the family, but considering that you do not get more starting point than 'you can create' - then I would personally put a child on an airtrack rather than up on a trampoline.
Previously, air tracks were a professional jumping tool that was primarily to be found in the country's gyms and halls. With the great interest in the product, more and more trampoline brands have entered the field with their own air track models. Air track dealers therefore experience a great deal of interest from private individuals who want one in their home.
Another great advantage of air tracks in particular is that they can be unpacked - moved inside and maybe outside - when the weather is right. So even if it was (maybe) possible to pack a normal trampoline down - you would not just move it inside.

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